The Importance of Character Development for a Great Plot


Characters are a key part of any story and one of the first things a writer needs to do is sit down and develop their personalities and stories. Great characters generally lead to great plots, which in turn reaches a bigger audience.

Connect with Your Readers


Readers typically enjoy more stories with characters they can relate to, they connect with the feelings and behaviour you describe, and it hooks them. Some readers even start caring about the characters as if they were real.

While it is true that there is no substitute for a good plot, developing characters that will connect with your readers is half the job done.

Let Your Imagination Fly


Developing characters is one of the most entertaining parts of the whole creative process of writing a story. You get to decide where they are coming from and where they are going, how and why, their limitations, struggles, advantages and strengths.

Your character might just be a blue-haired fool that ends up becoming the king of some distant lands, but his heir is cold and distant, reproachful of his father’s careless ways.

You can also add a talking frog that advises your main character not to murder his enemies because they will die some other way. The possibilities are endless, and you can just let your imagination fly.

Asking Questions


One of the best hacks to develop an engaging character is to answer questions like what their flaws and strengths are. What do they love and what do they hate? Where do they want to go? What can they do?

Think about the character first as someone you want to get to know, and then answer your questions any way you want.

Excellent character development will allow you to connect with your readers and have them hooked into your plot, but it also lets you have fun and enjoy your creativity. It is no different than getting to know another person, asking questions land receiving sometimes shocking answers.