Spooked at an Online Casino Office – A Short Story


If you get scared easily, beware. This is a story that will shake you to your very core and leave you wondering what’s sitting in that dark corner. A story that anyone can experience but no one will want to talk about, as if only mentioning it would trigger it repeating itself.

It was late at night and there were only two workers in the office, Danielle who was a quirky purple-haired game developer, and a much more serious Donovan. He was the online casino company’s marketing manager and was creating a visit Playamo official campaign.


At some point, Donovan needed to take a smoke break and he walked away from the office to the inner yard where he could sit and relax, leaving Danielle alone at the office. All she could see was the bright screen in front of her with the hundreds of code lines she was writing, all she could hear was the sound of her fingers creating a game.

Hadn’t Danielle been deeply immersed in her job, she would’ve realized that the sound now corresponded to about 30 or 40 fingers, each of them on their own keyboard. It is now when electricity should throw a tantrum and conveniently leave the screen to reflect an ugly demon to scare our damsel in distress, but what happened was worse.

Much, much worse. Donovan asked her what kind of game she was developing and, considering they had been discussing it all afternoon, Danielle thought he was joking and laughed it off. But Donovan asked yet a weirder question, about what the game’s theme was.


Since the game’s theme had been his idea in the first place, she became so bewildered that she didn’t realize his tone of voice had taken a trip down the octave scale.

By the time she finally looked up, there was no one around. No Donovan, no ugly thing in the dark, nothing. Well, it wasn’t like she had night goggles on. Her eyes told her that there was nothing in the dark because they like to lie when they don’t have an answer.

But Danielle’s mind, much more honest and intent on surviving, told her that there must be something in the dark. The other cubicles, computers, something. And that is when she heard a voice as deep as magma and just as thick saying she needed a break.

Donovan walked in, white as chalk. He had been standing in the doorway all the time, listening without being able to see. He’d turned on the lights and upon seeing him, Danielle felt a chill. What lurked in the dark?