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Lee Kvern is all about the topics every bookworm loves, such as authors, literature, stories and books in general. If you are a fan of Lee Kvern’s work, you will also find plenty of information on her and her works, in our posts.

Who We Are

We are a group of friends who love everything about literature, the writing process, the many books and stories we can read, the authors that make them possible, and so on. The blog was Elsa Hill’s idea, as she is both an avid reader and an amateur writer and wanted to have a space to share information that all of us bookworms appreciate.

The minute she told us what she had in mind, we were delighted to be considered as part of this interesting project and started brainstorming ideas. Before we knew it, we had created this blog, giving it the name of an author we all admire and read frequently.

Our Drive

What drives everybody in the team to keep writing posts for this blog is drawing more people into the habit of reading and writing. We all believe that there is an author and a story out there for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding it. Another fact we have learnt is that most avid readers end up making incredible authors.

Our blog is also a place where new writers will find encouragement, inspiration and guidance to stay on the right path towards becoming a great writer. We are constantly putting together guides to navigate every detail of the process of creating a story of your own, as everything is easier once you have a method.

Fall in love with new authors, come up with the best character development, plots that hook your readers in or submerge yourself in the worlds created by great authors.

We encourage all bookworms and new writers to keep an eye out on our blog and fuel their creativity and love for the written word, the fantastic worlds, and the whole process.