Lee Kvern – 5 Interesting Facts About Her and Her Stories


If you have come across Lee Kvern’s stories and novels, you might be wondering who she is, where she gets her inspiration, and why there isn’t a website answering these queries. We have some interesting facts to share about Lee and her stories.

She’s a Realist

Lee Kvern might be an award-winning writer, but her life is far from glamorous. She has previously talked about the financial struggles she faces as a mother with some humour, as she is no stranger to having to scrape for pennies to provide for her kids.


But She Loves Writing

Her passion for writing, creating entire worlds and typing them away furiously, surpasses that all too human need for expensive Caribbean Vacations, for earning and having more. Lee Kvern has declared the joy she feels when someone asks about her work, as she gets to talk about all the obstacles that she overcame to produce it.

Fiction is Freedom

She feels that, through fictional stories, you can convey messages and express opinions that would be too hard to announce outside the safety of make-belief. Lee Kvern has found that fiction is oftentimes thought-provoking and opens readers’ eyes to things they previously hadn’t noticed.

Her Writing Process is Free

Our favourite writer has explained that everything she writes has been done without following the commonly recommended structures like timelines and outlines. Although she admits this is not the best way to do it for everyone, it works for her.

Inspiration for This is a Love Crime

She saw some news on people being outraged by a Canadian student wearing a hijab and the reactions of the general public triggered her to consider oppression in Canada. Lee Kvern believes that there are elements of oppression, repression or both, in all societies, and she wanted to express this in her novel.

A candid and passionate writer, in touch with the world surrounding her. Lee Kvern is just like any other human, but the worlds in her head have found a way out through her stories and short novels.