eBook vs. Printed – The Choice Book Lovers Face


With today’s technological advances, there is a myriad of options to read your favourite books, and authors are also allowed more ways to publish their work. You can read and write eBooks, and you can even create audiobooks. But both printed and eBooks have their fans.

That Unique Smell


There are even internet memes describing how many bookworms love the smell of printed books, how it even soothes them. Unfortunately, we still lack the technology to give our eBooks that lovely paper smell, perhaps in the future.

The Convenience


On the other hand, eBooks allow readers to have millions of books in a small device, without seeing their house entirely overtaken by heavy books gathering dust. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you move to another house, another city, or another country, your eBooks are coming with you without any tricky logistics.

Turn the Page


Bookworms not only love the smell of a book in the morning but for some reason, we are also fans of turning the page to see what happens next. There just isn’t that same excitement when all you can do is scroll the pages.

Reading in the Dark


While you would need at the very least a candle to read a printed book in the dark, all you need to read your eBooks is a comfortable place to bring your device and get to reading.

All in all, the choice you make depends on personal preference and your living situation. If you don’t have your own place, you might find that eBooks are simply more convenient, but only printed books give you that odd pleasure coming from the scent and feel.